Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012

Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 Free PC Games DownloadCan you handle the freight trains of 10,000 tons, flying over a mountain pass? Obtained if the passengers are safely home after a night of snow? Will you be able to cope with the express, flying at a speed of 200 km / h? Becoming an engineer. Beating nature. Accurately recreated as the locomotives of today, and was "steam." A five routes incredible realism in real and 3 imaginary landscapes. You will be able to master the game easily, but from the first kilometer will have difficult times.

Hundreds of hours of play. Learning to ride quickly and easily with the cab control RS. Competing with other machine operators around the world through technology Carrera RS System. Only limit is your imagination. Create your own routes and landscapes, and add to his collection of several locomotives, cars and roads.

* Each of the eight routes perfectly the model of their real characters, and signaling
* Monitor the actions can be from different angles, even from the cab, the passenger next to the train and a bird's eye view
* Includes over 50 scenarios to test their skills driving
* Simple and intuitive interface allows you to gain experience in the management of trains
* The system will feel like a real race engineer
* Five of these ways: Buff - Templkomb, Oxford - Paddington, New York - Newcastle, Hagen - Siegen and go Kayonsky
* Three imaginary lines: a great British classification yard, the road around Denver, Colorado, USA, and a set of paths in the Alpine region of northern Europe
* Advanced tools for creating your own content.
* World Editor allows users to easily create new or modify existing routes
* The routes can be built from scratch based on your choice of areas, trains and landscapes
* The ability to share user-created content
* Other materials are available for download, including locomotives, wagons, scripts, and routes

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